Now taking reservations for these retiring breeders!
CH Barrotts Dream Believer $350 (Brown/Black spotted - ready for her new forever home winter 2016)
CH Barrotts Dream Angel  $500 (Black/Silver spotted - ready for her new forever home winter 2016)
We have  a special girl from Hope x Chase.  We are now beginning our waiting list for our spring 2017 breedings that will include Silvers, Browns and Snows (Mink and Lynx).  There is no charge for the waiting list.  

Barrotts Dream Bengals is a TICA Outstanding Cattery! We are a small in home breeder of  Brown Spotted, Silver and Snow Bengal cats and kittens located in St. Leon, IN.  We are conveniently located in the heart of the Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana Tri-State Region.

We strive to produce well socialized family member pets as well as show quality Bengals. We focus on temperament, health, contrast, and structural soundness.  All of our cats/kittens are PK Def N/N or if PK Def N/K, only paired with PK Def N/N breeders as independently verified and tested by UC Davis.   We are proud members of TICA and TIBCS and are happy to answer any questions you may have about our Bengal cats,  or current and upcoming kittens.  Please note:  We do NOT SHIP via airlines for sight unseen purchases.  We require all Bengal sales to be completed in person or are willing to meet with buyers as mutually agreed. Thanks for visiting our website!

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Looking for a Bengal who has plenty of play and love, but who is not quite a kitten?  We currently have several retiring female breeders available for adoption waiting list now! 

Join our waiting list for upcoming litters and Retired Breeders!

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